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MyRRSP is owned and operated by MortgagePro Ltd., an Alberta Corporation based in Calgary. We are dedicated to our clients, both Borrowers and Lenders/Investors alike, to bring the best solution to fit their financial needs. Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta and a member of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, we give you the highest quality service governed by the rules and regulations of the industry, delivered by our friendly and efficient professionals.

Message from Zoltan M. Padar, President:

I have been a Real Estate Investor since the early 1980’s with great success buying, selling, renting, leasing, renovating, and developing Real Estate. You name it, I’ve done it. I have dealt with renovations, sales, rent collection, evictions, damages and excuses. It all just became too much after a while. Then I started thinking, how can you make money in Real Estate without all the headaches and hard work? Instead of owning the property, OWN THE MORTGAGE ON IT. I decided to let others do the fixing, the renting, the collecting, and instead I concentrated on the return.

The private mortgage industry is a very real and important source of return on investment for the private investor. It is an equally important source of funds for the borrowing public. The private mortgage market allows the investor to earn substantially higher yields on an investment than banking institutions, while offering the security of real property as collateral on the investment. MyRRSP and MortgagePro Ltd. specialize in the private market, offering the private investor an opportunity to participate in this lucrative field of investment. We are looking for individual investors to invest into individual mortgages. Please contact us if you want to take advantage of this great opportunity. When investing in mortgages, you are always in control. The brokerage will act as an intermediary between the borrower and lender. In this service relationship, we are authorized to offer the mortgage products of one or more lenders to borrowers who are seeking a mortgage.

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“We believe, well educated investor makes better decision.”